Careful What You Throw Out in Moseley, VA

Hazardous materials can cause illness, injury or death

As a junk removal company, we can dispose of a lot of things for you, but there are some we just can't handle. Items like flammable liquids or hazardous materials would pose a danger to our employees if we attempted to haul them.

Disposing of hazardous waste without the proper equipment and procedures can result in harm to the environment. It can also lead to the illness, injury or death of those involved in the waste removal process.

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What kind of items are prohibited?

What kind of items are prohibited?

At Mannings Junk Removal and Dumpster Rentals, safety is one of our top priorities, so there are certain items we won't dispose of, including:

  • Tech: Appliances | Televisions | Computers | Monitors | Microwaves
  • Earth-Based Materials: Animals | Dirt | Tree stumps | Herbicides and pesticides
  • Hazardous Materials: Medical waste | Radioactive material | Hazardous waste | Asbestos | Solvents | Chemical products
  • Building and Home Materials: Railroad ties | Bricks | Tires | Concrete | Barrels | Demo bricks | Soil and lead paint | Industrial waste | Fluorescent tubes
  • Flammable Items: Aerosol cans | Wet paint | Propane tanks | Antifreeze | Petroleum | Oil filters | Contaminated oils | Lubricating and hydraulic oils | Other flammable liquids

These items are too dangerous for our employees to handle. If you need to get rid of these items, do not try removing them yourself. Contact the VA Department of Environmental Quality for more information on how to dispose of them safely.